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Clinton (Jake) Smith

Jake Smith

My name is Clinton Anthony Smith, but everyone calls me Jake. I’m 20 years old, I was born in Alice Springs and I’ve lived in Santa Teresa all my life.
Before the craft centre started, when I was working with Catholic Care, I used to go out bush, me and my uncle Shannon, to get wood to make punisher spears. Last year I started making boomerangs, shields, and woomeras with him. For a little while he was showing me how but now I do it myself. I wanted to start making tools because of the old people who used to make stuff like this. I want to strengthen my community and connection to old people and traditions. I’ve taught myself how to throw spears. Punisher spears and with a woomera.
My favourite part of the job is working with the schoolkids. I teach them how to make boomerangs, punisher spears, and clapsticks. They always come and make fun. They are annoying sometimes. It makes me proud to be a teacher for them. I like to see them getting better.
My favourite things to make are woomeras, and boomerangs. I think that’s because I started off with them. I feel proud of my work and I’m learning some good skills. When a piece is finished I put on oil to make it shiny. To keep the colour. I’m excited to see the tools get completed.
Outside of TCC I spend time playing footy. Footy’s my game! Sometimes I watch but I really like to play. I play for Santa Teresa on Saturdays and then on Sundays I play for an Alice team.
It feels pretty good when someone buys one of my tools. My family is excited for me.

Thank you for supporting our local business. I am happy to know you now have a little bit of our culture with you. This helps us keep our culture alive and I am proud to be sharing it with others.